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10 Stories To Read - Children’s Books That Help With Difficult Talks

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Books are so wonderful in every single way!

One of the best ways they can help is when you have a rambunctious toddler.

These stories to read can form beliefs in children’s heads, and give them great characteristics.

One good thing about books is they can help have difficult discussion with our children! Because let’s face it, they dont always love listening to us.

Here in this article we will give you much needed stories to read to help raise a loving, respectful, and appreciative child!

1. Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

Those Shoes by Maribeth Boelts

This book is a wonderful, very realistic but touching story. This is a story that many children have experienced all too well.

All Jeremy wants is the popular black sneakers with white stripes, but sadly his family cannot afford them. While at a thrift store looking for winter boots that he NEEDS, he stumbles upon the famous shoes. After he tries them on, he soon realizes that they are much too small, but he is determined.

After dealing with sore feet that he can no longer handle, Jeremy realizes that he is more blessed than he realizes.

Jeremy gives the shoes to another classmate, the only classmate that has not teased him about his warm down tennis shoes. He finds out that his classmate is the actual size of these sneakers, and gives them to him after realizing he needs them more.

This book will touch any heart, and will also teach an important lesson to your child about giving and being blessed for what you have, because someone out there always has things worse.

2. Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess by Anna Dewdney

Llama Llama Mess, Mess, Mess by Anna Dewdney

The famous Llama Llama books has a great imaginative story about helping children learn the value and realization of the importance of cleaning and picking up after yourself!

Llama Llama only wants to play and does not realize the true importance of cleaning his room. When mother asks him to pick up his toys, he responds just like any child would!

But momma has a clever response back, going on about what if she never cleaned again!

Llama Llama soon learns the real value of cleaning and respect for his momma that is always doing so much for him!

This is a great book for your child to learn responsibility, respect, and will get their booty in gear to pick up their room!

3. The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield

The Wonderful Things You Will Be by Emily Winfield

If your child needs a confidence boost in themselves while looking at beautiful illustrations, this is the book for you!

This book is a classic love your child for who they truly are kind of book!

This book goes on to tell them what a wonderful life they will have because they are themselves! It gives them all the wonderful things that life has in store for them.

It teaches them that they can be whomever they want to be. If they want to be a doctor, amazing! If they want to be an artist, wonderful!

This book teaches your child strength to stick true to themselves and assures them of love that you will always stand by them!

4. Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

This is an all around very well known book, but do you know the meaning?

If not, I suggest picking up this book when given the chance!

This book is about a small girl named molly who is very different from everyone else. Her Grandma gives her advice and it sticks with molly. She lets nothing discourage her.

She encourages her to be true to herself, smile, be strong, stand up for herself, never give up, and to always be happy!

This book is about to never let a bully get you down, because you are amazing in every way!

This is a great book for grandparents to read but all around just a great book to read to your child.

It teaches your children that there will always be someone to tear you down if you let them, but you don’t have to let them! You can be true to yourself, genuinely love yourself, all the while standing up for yourself!

5. The Lion and The Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

The Lion and The Mouse by Jerry Pinkney

This is another very well known classic, but too often overlooked!

This book is about a ferocious lion that spares a cowering mouse that he planned to eat. The mouse later frees the lion from a poachers trap, returning the favor!

This book teaches children that no good deed or kindness is ever wasted! Your child will learn to be kind and to never over look someone in need, just because they are different than you!

6. Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

Be Kind by Pat Zietlow Miller

This book is an amazing must read for your child!

This book is about being kind to another when bad things happen. It gives great examples with beautiful illustrations about when something bad happens to someone, the things you can say and do to help cheer that person up.

Sometimes knowing what to do or say for a child can be difficult, so this is a great book to read to help your child understand.

This book gives your child great characteristics and lets them know that helping big or small can make a difference to another person, which makes for a better world!

7. The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

The Rabbit Listened by Cori Doerrfeld

This book is about how to cope loss, or how to help another cope loss of any kind!

Taylor doesn't know what to say or where to go after how badly she is heartbroken. One by one the animals come and try to help her navigate her feelings. The bear suggests getting angry. Everything just doesn’t help her feel better.

Finally, the rabbit comes to sit with her and just listens, just what Taylor needs.

This book is a great way to teach your kids all the many examples of ways you can handle your feelings when you are upset. It also can teach our children that sometimes all a friend might need is someone to sit and listen to them if they are sad!

8. Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect by Jayneen Sanders

Let's Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect by Jayneen Sanders

This book is about teaching children that their bodies are theirs, and they do not have to be touched!

This book gives examples about right and wrong with conversation starters to have

with your children.

This book teaches your child about all their private areas, personal space, choices, and their ownership of their own bodies!

It is crucial to teach your child from a young age of how to expect to be treated, the confidence to say no, to speak up, and about personal body boundaries!

9. We’re Different, We’re the Same by Bobbi Jane Kates

We’re Different, We’re the Same by Bobbi Jane Kates

Who is better to tell your child about that we might look different but we’re all the same inside and wonderful than Elmo??

This book talks to adults and children about how we all look so different but we are the same inside! It goes on to say that it’s our differences that make the world a wonderful and beautiful place!

This is a great book on teaching children how to love everyone because everyone is not that much different than us, and it’s a good thing that we all act and look a little different!

10. Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore by Kathy Stinson

Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore by Kathy Stinson

This book is a great option for separated families! Because this is a hard topic to talk about!

This book follows a little girl who’s parents have separated. She talks about all the challenges like the holidays. But she talks about the fun things too, like the elevator at her mom’s house, and the horses at her dad’s house.

She goes on about how her parents make it easier by always reassuring her and showing her the same love and comfort she has always had, just not together anymore.

This is a great book for your child, if your family has trouble with this topic! This explains to your child the fun things about not the best situation, while still reminding your child how much their parents love them and will always be there for them!

The best thing to do is doing all you can to raise a kind child and person, and these books are a way to do that.

Sometimes these topics are hard to explain to our children, but all of these beautiful stories to read connect to your child in the way we cannot!

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