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Baby Snacks - When to Start them and What Snacks are the Best

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Introducing food like purées to your baby is confusing enough!

Now I can give them snacks?

What kinds are the best?

When can I start?

How do I know if my babe is ready?

We are here to answer all those questions so don’t worry!

You will be feeling confident giving your baby these fun snacks in no time at all!

Introducing these fun new foods to them can be so exciting for you and your baby!

When Can I Start?

Giving snacks is ultimately up to your babe!

Your baby should be showing the signs that they are ready to eat snacks before you try to offer them!

•Showing Interest in Crawling

•Wanting to self feed themselves

•Eating food with their jaw moving up and down

•Have been given other foods beside breastmilk or formula

Not all babies want to crawl, but they should be able to move their jaw up and down and be able to feed themselves.

A good rule of thumb though is that the earliest you should start snacks is 7 months.

What are the best kinds?

In reality, your babe is going to like what they like, they might not like everything you try!

But keep trying!

Them learning how to eat these snacks will help them tremendously once they reach the 1 year old mark!

Gerber has great snack options but there are also many more choices.

The HappyBaby Teether snack is a great first option to try to get your baby accustomed to the process.

These teethers are easy and fast dissolving so there is minimum choking hazard for a first snack. They are also super organic and good healthy option.

8 Months & Teeth

If your baby has teeth, they have more options in the snack area. This also means a lot more fun!

It’s best to wait till around 8 months for these types of snacks to make sure they are completely ready, which will reduce the risk of choking.

These options include things like:

These Items are best to wait till they either have teeth or they are 8 months old, due to the level of difficulty dissolving and munching.


No matter how well your baby is chewing up and down, it’s still important to keep an eye on them.

It just takes one tiny piece to go down the wrong pipe and they could choke.

If you happen to be in another room or doing chores, you could possible not hear your baby struggling from where you are.

So it’s always important to be right near them when they are eating anything!

As long as you are watching your baby, and listening to what they like when eating these snacks, your babe will be just fine!

Buckle up because this snack ride can be so fun!

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