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Best Bath Supplies for Infants - Everything you Need for Bath Time

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I remember one of the things I was most excited about doing with my baby boy was

giving him a bath.

A baby in a bath and then an animal hooded towel afterwards, is one of the cutest things in the world.

Giving a newborn a bath is not as fun as when they are older, but you and your babe can still have an enjoyable experience.

One thing that you don’t realize though, is how many items you need for bath time from the time they are teeny tiny to when they are toddlers.

This article is to learn all you need to know about bath time safety and awesome bath time supplies you may be interested in!

Newborn Baths

Giving a newborn a bath is sometimes quite difficult.

Between not being able to hold themselves up well, they get super slippery in the bath with all the water and soap!

One thing to be aware of though, you should never give a newborn a bath if their umbilical cord has not fallen off yet.

You can give them a wet towel bath with soap and water on their changing table, to make sure they are clean and don't break out. But you should never submerge their tummy in water with their umbilical cord.

After their cord does fall off though, you can have so much fun!

One item that you will need to help with the slippery and to make sure they are safe, is an infant bath to place in the water.

A great option is the Angelcare Baby Bath Support

This bath is a simple affordable bath option.

I was afraid that it would hurt my little boy’s personal area the way this bath looks, but just their booties go on the front part.

It also is super soft on their backs, rather than how it could look rough.

If you want to go with a more expensive option,

The Summer Lil Luxuries Whirlpool Bath is a really fun option!

This bath makes it super easy to give a bath to all age babies. It also is a good option for on the go, since its not like you have to hook it up to water.

It has a tank you can fill up with water to use the hose sprayer easily. It can also make whirlpool bubbles with the press of a button, so your babe can have some fun with some bubbles!


Now one thing I was not aware of when I became a mother was that just because it is a baby item, does not mean it is safe for babies.

Many soaps have many toxic chemicals that can hurt your baby‘s skin if you are not careful.

Just recently there has been a recall on Johnson’s Baby Products because of this.

Now I don't know all of the different safe products out there, but I do know where you can start at.

Hello Bello has so many safe baby products to choose from, and not just bath products!

This soap is super good for baby’s skin and their tiny hairs. They also have a lavender option for nighttime!

Aveeno is another great option that is safe and makes our babies skin super soft!

Aveeno as well has multiple options to choose from including a lavender scent!


Along with soaps, there are many options out there that they have on store shelves, that are toxic for our babes.

Hello Bello has great lotion products with all natural ingredients.

Baby Dove is a great rich moisture!

And Aveeno is great for delicate skin, especially with eczema.

All of these products have lavender scented lotion as well, if you would like to give your baby a boost for nighttime!

Older Babe Bath

When your babe gets to be a little older where they can sit pretty well by themselves, they are going to want to sit up in the bath. This lets them be able to see all their toys, grab them, and be able to splash the water well.

The Summer Infant Bath Seat is a good affordable option for this!

This seat is easy to be able to quickly put in for bath time and quickly take out, in case someone else needs to take a bath in the same tub your babe takes one in.

The seat safely sticks to the side of the bathtub by the pressure rods, just like a baby gate does.

When your babe gets to be older and is quite good at sitting in the bath, they will need a non slip bath mat!

Another good Item to have is the Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover

This insures your baby’s head is safe for when they start roaming the tub freely!


Bath toys are an essential part of bath time!

Giving your baby plenty of fun options to splash with, chew on, and have fun, let’s your babe associate bath/cleaning time being exciting!

This will help in the future for them to love to take baths, because we all know once they become around 7 years old its hard to get them in the bath!

Squirter toys, like the Infantino Aquarium Bath Squirters are an example of a great buy!

These toys are great for babies 6 months and even as old as 5 years if they want them! This makes them a great long purchase. These types of toys you can even find at places like Walmart or Target.

If you want to have some real fun in the bath, the ZHENDUO Whale Spray Bath Toy is tons!

When your babe gets to be a little bit older, the Dwi Dowellin Fishing Toy makes bath time exciting and also gets their fine motor skills working!


With all these toys and bath soaps, this can make any OCD momma go crazy!

This is why I wanted to include tips for bath time organization!

There are many different options such as

Or there are simple options out there to keep the toys separate from the soap.

Such as: the KorBabec Corner

Above all else, between all the rush of each day, make sure you enjoy bath time with your baby.

Unwind and relax together and make sure to get tons of kisses in with your wet baby in their animal hooded towel!

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