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Best Infant Items - Necessities and Fun Items You’ll need for your Infant

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Approaching the 4 month mark is a rollercoaster in itself. It sure was for me.

Along with throwing out those 0-3 clothes and swaddles, starting baby cereal, and having to accept that your baby no longer classifies as a newborn anymore.. you need a bunch new items for your little babe!


If you need help introducing baby cereal and how to introduce check out this article, as well!


Having to accept that your babe is now an infant, is really hard.

How did this time go by so fast?

It feels like yesterday you were bringing them home from the hospital.. and now they are so big?

But sad thing is, I don’t think this feeling ever goes away.

However, all the new and fun things you can do with your baby makes it all worthwhile! Which means its good to have all these new things for your blossoming babe!

This is the article to get new ideas, refresh your memory, or to find out items that will make your parent life easier and your baby’s life even more fun, than it already is!

1. Bibs & Burp Rags

Yes, I know you most likely already have these things! And I know it might be something you think you have covered. But trust me, no matter how much you have.. you will need more.

Around this age, is when they start teething a lot! Biting and munching on everything, sticking everything in their mouth, and slobbering a ton!

How do they even have any saliva left?

Starting at around this age, we went through about 3-5 bibs a day. And was constantly wiping the slobber off his hands, legs, and mouth with burp rags.

We always picked a pack of bibs up about every time we went to the store and this worked good.

However, You will still run out faster than you think!

2. Hats

This is one that I wish I thought of in advance around this time!

I didn't realize until it got colder (for how he lined up with the seasons), that he didn’t have much hats that was big enough for his head.

Every baby will line up differently with the seasons depending on when they are born.

But we didn’t use much of the many newborn and 0-3 months hats we were given, because it was quite warm when he was born.

However, when he got around this age and up, it started to get colder and he didn’t have but maybe 4 hats that fit his head.

Tip: If your not sure of what size to get, get a size bigger than the clothes they are in at the moment.

Baby‘s heads tend to run bigger than the rest of their body, that’s just how they’re made.

If the hat is a little too big, all you have to do is roll it up. Its better to get a bigger size than a smaller size though, to make sure everything is covered.

3. Seats

Around this time they are little more active but they still want to be held most the time, and not sit for long periods of time in one thing.

So it’s good if you have multiple options for them!

This way if you need to, you are able to get things done.

This seat is great for infants and can even be for toddlers!

It has an optional arch with different characters, to take out and put in, when wanted.

It also has a handle that you can pull to lean them back more for when they fall asleep in this chair.

And don’t worry if you don’t like the design, they have many more different options!

A Sit-Me-Up floor seat is so fun for babies at this age, because around this time they are wanting to sit up by themselves but they really can’t yet.

This gives them the opportunity to be independent, but doesn't put any negative pressure

on their spine.

4. Jumper

When your babe gets more active around this age, he or she is going to most likely want to jump..and a lot!

Our little boy wanted to start jumping real early around 3 months old, and he absolutely loved it!

However, letting him jump on us killed our arms and backs. So we decided around 4.5 months, it was time to get a jumper!

There are two types you can get, so it just depends on your preference!

The Evenflo Exersaucer is a Great Doorway Jumper

Most Doorway jumpers are pretty close to the same, but this one does have a higher seat. Which I believe might be safer, so your babe‘s back and chest can be supported completely!

This jumper was our favorite that our babe loved to play and jump in, because of the many many toys attached to it.

However, there are so many different jumpers! Some even convert to an activity table after your infant doesn’t need to jump anymore.

So make sure to look around before choosing!

5. Fine Motor Skill Toys

Toys are a great necessity to keep your baby entertained and happy during the day!

It also great because any playing they do is just tuning up their fine motor skills!

Any toys that make noise, have buttons, things to spin, slap, or to put together are a great learning option.

Toys like these teething building blocks are an example of a great option, because anything they play with they are most likely going to want to put in their mouth or throw!

These are just some of the great ideas you will need when you are approaching the infant milestone!

However, If you are about to have a new baby make sure to check out Best Items for your Newborn!

6. Portable High Chair

This item gives you the ability to make those feeds much easier and to let you give those solid feeds on the go!

This also makes it easier on whomever has to watch your baby to get those feeds in, if you have something where you can’t bring your little one along.

The hiccapop Travel Booster Seat is one great portable example but there are so many options, so make sure to shop around!

This specific item is great because it gives the option of the highchair or can convert into just a chair! It also works well outside or indoors, along with a flap on the back of the seat for storage!

Don't forget if you are are about to have a new baby or if you are going to have a 6 month old, make sure to check out our newborn items article and our 6 month milestone article!


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