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Best Places to Shop for Babies - What Stores are the Best for Infant Clothing

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Having a baby is hard enough without the several clothes you have to buy every time they are approaching a new size.

Then you have to box all their clothes that they no longer fit anymore, and that is a whole emotional rollercoaster in itself.

Your babe growing and getting bigger is not fun.

However, you do still get the fun of shopping for baby clothes for them and being the one able to watch them grow!

When figuring out where to shop for baby clothes I made many mistakes. There are so many, you forget some, and then you can’t find what you need for your baby for months.

Well here we will discuss all the best stores for your baby and what items you can get where!

1. Dillard’s

Many people forget that Dillard's has Baby items, because it’s always hidden in the back of the store.

Even though Dillard‘s is often a quite expensive choice for baby clothes you can find options you won’t find anywhere else, they also usually have a clearance rack and if you search good enough you can find onesies for very cheap!

One time I was trying to find a coat for my infant boy for 2 months because it was getting cold. I looked everywhere and finally one day I walked into dillard‘s, and there were so many options of warm coats that would fit him!

Dillard’s has great clothing options for:

• Name Brand Clothes and Shoes (Steve Madden, Polo, Micheal Kors)

•Girl Dresses

• Dedication Outfits

• Dress Clothes

• Seasonal Outfits

• Baby Jeans and Pants

•Dress Shoes

• Coats in ALL sizes

2. Once Upon A Child

Once upon a child is the place to go when you want to get a lot of simple clothes on a budget!

Many times you can go and they will even have name brand items for super super cheap!

And when I say super cheap, I mean items for $2!

They also have more than just clothing and shoes, they have bassinets, car seats, beds, and toys! It’s an awesome place to save money!

Once Upon a Child is great for:

• Shoes

• Onesies

• Girl Bows

• Hats

•Jeans and Pants

• Dance Wear

• Sleepers

3. Walmart

Now okay! Hear me out first, before you say “Really? A big box store?“

Walmart is a great option if you are on a budget for your babies!

They were the one store where I was able to find my boy infant jeans, when i couldn’t find any that weren’t above $20.

Stores love to stock girl items, but not so much boy items.

So Walmart is a good place to go for simple boy items.

Walmart is good for items like:

•Onesie packs




•Infant Pants

•Baby Sweatshirts

•Simple Carter Outfits

•Long Sleeve Onesies


This is another great option for buying baby items on a budget!

Because everyone can gain to save money, right?

Along with having good deals on clothing, TjMaxx has great deals on infant items like teething toys, pacifier clips, stuffed animals, storage options, books, bibs, and socks!

TjMaxx is great for:

• Girl Clothing

•Girl Dresses

• Sleepers

• Outfit Sets

• Athletic Name Brands

• PlaySuits

• Baby Coat Suits

5. Target

Target is classified as another big box store, but they can have some good options with a large clothing selection.

They also have a better quantity selection than Walmart for bottles, medicine, diaper bags, baby toys, and nursery room items.

Target is good for:

• Onesie Packs

• Packs of White Onesies

• Quality Outfits

• Baby T-shirts

•Sleep Sacs

• Large Girl Selection

• Baby Robes

• Newborn Clothing

• Swaddles

• Clearance Items

• Gender Neutral Items

6. PatPat

PatPat is an online store and app, and it has a pretty good selection of baby clothes.

PatPat is a great online store for women wear, breastfeeding and maternity clothing, baby clothing, and toddler clothing.

It also has a selection of matching family outfits!

This is a great store if you don’t mind waiting a little longer for shipping, that has many sales often and you can earn winnings for opening the app daily.

The shipping isint crazy long, but it’s about 2 weeks.

PatPat is good for:

• Baby Coats

• PlaySuits

• Sleepers

• Stylish Outfits

• Sweat Suits

• Girl Bell Bottoms

• Girl Dresses

• Seasonal Outfits

Shopping for your sweet babe while pregnant is supposed to be the best part of all!

But sometimes it can be very overwhelming and hard

to save money.

So relax, follow our list and enjoy them baby kicks!

If you are about to have a baby or have an infant, make sure to check out our Newborn Items Article and our Infant Items Article!

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