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Breastfeeding & Pumping Tips and Items - Everything You Will Need to Breastfeed

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Let me start out by saying, a FED baby is THE BEST baby. It does not matter how you feed them, what works the best for your baby AND you, that is what is best.

However you choose to feed your baby, you are a wonderful momma.

But if you are choosing to breastfeed, you are going to need to learn all the tips, tricks, and items you will need to make sure you have the best chance at breastfeeding.

And this is what this article is here for.

When & Where to Get A Pump?

When you found out you are pregnant, you should sit down and weigh your pros and cons of breastfeeding. You really need to think hard about this important step, because breastfeeding is another dedication in itself.

When you finally decide, and you believe you would like to try to breast feed, you will need to figure out pump you would like.

Do as much research as you can and talk to other moms, see what importances

outweigh each other.

Now if it will not set your family back, try and buy the specific one you would like.

Major box stores have many options.

However, if you can’t afford a good breast pump there are programs that will set

you up with one.

One of these being, your local health department in your county. If you are going to school or going back to work, they will give you a free breast pump and other goodies as well.

The other option is a program called Areo Flow Breast Pumps. You go to their website, fill out the form, qualify through your insurance, pick which breast pump you like best, and they will send you a free breast pump in the mail!

I used Areo Flow to order my breast pump, the process was quick and easy, and not to long after I received my breast pump in the mail!

How To Pump

Every pump is different settings and buttons wise, but the process is the same all around.

Your pump should come with instructions if you have never seen one or used on yourself. The instructions and manual for your specific pump are very important. Read the whole manual till the end, to ensure you get the best possible results.

The first few weeks you might pump and you might get not very much at all, but keep at it because your supply will increase

as your baby grows.

One important step to make sure you can keep up with your supply is to make it a priority to drink plenty of water and at least 3 meals a day.

I know it is difficult to eat with a new baby, and you feel as if all you do during the day is feed this newborn, but try to make as much time as possible to eat. This is also the only way your baby can get the

nutrients they need!

Experts say you should be taking in 128 oz of water and 2000-2800 calories per day for a breastfeeding mother. I know it seems like impossible with a new baby but eat/drink as much as you have time for, and the rest

will fall into place!

Schedule of pumping: You can pump whenever you see fit honestly. But it’s easier to pump when your baby goes down for a nap, goes to bed at night, you fill full to the point of hurting, or you are away from them at a given time for longer than 1-2 hours.

Preparing to pump:

Make sure that you are near your baby, or at least looking at a photo or video of your baby when you go to pump. If you want your release flow to be even faster, take a voice recording of your baby crying and listen to the recording when you go to pump. Something about hearing a baby cry, will make your milk drop down fast! You will soon find this out.

This brings me to my next topic.

Breast Pads

During breastfeeding, you will experience a ton of leakage, take extra pads everywhere you go.

Even years after breastfeeding, you might experience a two or three drops of leakage here and there.

Breast Pads are essential. They will keep everything from exposing liquid and drenching your bra and clothes, which can

be very uncomfortable.

There are many different options of breast pads. But if I can offer a suggestion, it would be to purchase the washable reusable pads.

My Favorite reusable pads were the Kindred Bravely Organic Pads

These pads are great because they dry quickly, they hold a lot, they are super soft and comfortable, and you can discreetly bring them anywhere. One advice I would give is to buy at least 2 quantities of this item, so you can have enough to last until their next wash.

Another good option, so you don’t waste any milk is the Mommyz Love Breast Shell & Milk Catcher!

These are wonderful if you are planning on storing your milk. At the end of the day I had about 4-6 oz of milk that I just had from leakage! I would have wasted that much milk per day, if i didn’t have these!

Trouble Pumping?

A lot of women, including me, have or had trouble trying to pump. You might have had plenty of milk to fill your baby, but when it came time you needed to pump to store extra milk, you only got 1-2 oz each time.

This is why it is a good idea to buy a Haakaa Manual Breast Pump.

The Haakaa is so wonderful to have when you are trying to build up your milk freezer stash.

Now you can use the haakaa as a manual breast pump.

However, if you are having trouble pumping this sort of defeats the purpose. What you are going to do instead is when you are breastfeeding your baby on one side, place and seal the haakaa on the other.

This will catch all of the let down being released on the breast that is not latched on by your baby. Then when your babe is done with one side, switch your baby and the haakaa to opposing sides. You will be surprised of how much milk you might have wasted if you did

not use the haakaa when feeding your babe!

Babe Still Having Trouble Latching?

Remember, breastfeeding is a dedication in itself along with taking care of your new baby. It is really hard the first few weeks, and really painful. You are still trying to heal from the inside and out, and then your body wants to contract more when breastfeeding?

This is why I say breastfeeding is a commitment. You are going to need a big support system when you choose this journey.

However, some babies just have trouble breastfeeding and latching, which makes it hard for them to build their weight up.

If this is an issue, it is best to speak to a lactation specialist.

You can find these specialists at your hospital and your local health department. They are more than happy to set up with a meeting with you and help as much as possible. Do not be scared to seek help before you choose to move on to formula, it most likely could

just be an easy fix!

Nipple Healing

Being a breastfeeding mother, does not mean you cannot take care of yourself anymore.

You still need to remember to take care of every part of your body, and your mind.

One thing that is important to promote a positive feeding experience you and your baby, is to keep your nipples healthy.

There are many different creams to keep your nipples from cracking and hurting.

If you have money to spare, great.

If you don’t then just pick up a large jar of coconut oil, this is cheap,

organic, safe, and works great.

If you would like to order some nipple cream, the Tiny Human Nipple Crack and the Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream are some of the best options! Don’t be afraid to shop around though, there are so many different creams!

Like I have said before, breastfeeding is a hard commitment, but it is wonderful if you want to choose that for your baby!

If you realize that breastfeeding isint going to work for you or your baby, for whatever reason big or small, formula is perfectly okay as well!

Always remember, a FED baby is the BEST baby!

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