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Items to Help You During Pregnancy - Everything You Will Need For Pregnancy

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

So you have found out you're pregnant!

Whether this was a planned or unplanned pregnancy, trust me when I say this baby will be your whole heart.

This is a love like no other, and I'm sure you're anxious to meet your little one already!

However, we have got a long road ahead!

You hear about preparing and getting ready for when the baby comes.


It's so important to get ready for the physical rollercoaster your body will be on for the next 9 months. Just because you are going to be a mother does not mean you will need to stop taking care of yourself. If anything, it’s more important to take care of yourself.

If you need help with some baby item ideas, check out our article:

This article will prepare you for just some of the things you will most likely need and the challenges you may face during this pregnancy!

Nausea Help

During the first trimester, your body is the definition of a rollercoaster. You might feel good one minute, and hovering the toilet the next. And this is just in between crying and dealing with all the other hormones as well!

There are many different nausea “mints” that can help with this horrible sensation.

For example, Target has what many people call their “mom” aisle, that is located in the baby section. This aisle is filled with all sorts of nipple and stretch mark creams, but you will also find the options of about 3 different brands of

nausea relievers.

This nausea reliever tastes great, works good and super safe while pregnant:

There are also other options like the Pink Stork Magnesium Spray which is good for nausea, but also joint and muscle cramps.

Then there is also the Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea, teas like ginger and chamomile can be excellent to relieve nausea!

You can also ask your doctor for some medication, if the first trimester nausea

is taking a toll.

The medication prescribed will usually be: Ondansetron, otherwise known as Zofran.

This prescription is super safe for pregnancy and helps a lot. Just make sure to take this pill with enough food on your stomach!

Most pregnancies, your nausea and throwing up symptoms will surpass in the second trimester, and you can start to really enjoy your pregnancy!

Muscle Aches & Pains

Aching muscles are just apart of being pregnant. You are carrying so much weight and your body doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the added weight. And this is why you have joint and muscle aches.

There is not just a ton you can do to relieve these pains. But there are some basic things that can actually really help!

Taking a Bath

This is an option if you don’t mind taking a bath, because this can help any swelling go down and relax your muscles.

Wet Heat is the best Heat. Also if your muscles are too bad, try and soak with some epsom salts in the bath as well.

Heating Pad

I remember feeling like using a heating pad would hurt the baby, but it is completely safe as long as you don’t place it directly on your skin without a cover or on your stomach.

This can relieve those Sciatic Nerve pains you might be getting around your

second trimester!

Experiencing Sciatica is normal during pregnancy but it can be extremely painful, and can even make it difficult to walk well.

If this pain is continuous and doesn’t go away during certain times or treatments for a few weeks, talk to your OB about what you can do.


During pregnancy you are only allowed to take certain medications, because some can be harmful to your babies development.

Tylenol is the safest pain reliever during pregnancy.

Saying this, if you are trying to get pregnant or might be early on in pregnancy, be sure not to take Ibuprofen because this could possibly make you lose your sweet babe.

And we do not want that to happen.

Just be sure not to take more than the prescribed daily amount that reads on the

pill bottle.


This is a great option to have for those achy nights especially.

Biofreeze is easy to use, fast acting, and completely safe for pregnancy.

I know many women that wouldn’t have been able to survive those pregnancy pains while working, if they did not have this option.

One tip to have though, is that this item is often cheaper to buy off amazon than it is in stores or pharmacies! Because we need to be sure to save all the money we can possible right now for that future sweet babe.

Heartburn & Reflux

During your second and third trimester, you might possibly experience heartburn and

acid reflux.

This is one of the worst symptoms. Especially because it seems like you will never be able to get any sleep.

They say this is your body preparing you to be able to tackle those soon to be sleepless night, and this symptom definitely prepares you for that.

One of the biggest tips they will tell you is to not eat too much greasy food items for dinner, and to be sure that there is a 1-2 hour lapse between eating anything and lying down.

But sometimes you do everything right, and it never seems to help.

One of the best options to help with these horrible symptoms is TUMS.

I know it seems simple, but they really do help.

I did not appreciate the chalky taste of the chew tums. However, they have new versions of chewable tums that taste great and work the exact same!

Stuffy Noses

Something about pregnancy hormones results in your sinuses being all out of wack!

It happens to so many women.

During the third trimester this symptom makes it very difficult to breathe out of your nose, especially during night.

Just another symptom that makes it difficult to sleep unfortunately.

However, don’t get discouraged because nose sprays can help this tremendously.

Remember that there are many different medications that are not safe during pregnancy, and this includes many of the major nose sprays.

A safe nasal spray during pregnancy would be a strictly saline mist.

For example, the Arm & Hammer Simply Saline Nasal Mist is a great safe option!

Sleeping Adjustments

When you are approaching your second trimester, you need to be sure that the habit of sleeping on your back gets stopped.

It’s a hard habit to break, so make sure to start as soon as possible!

Sleeping on your side is the best for the baby, because the weight of the uterus can possibly compress a major blood vessel for yourself and can lead to major problems if not careful!

One of the ways to help this and make it comfortable laying on your side is to

invest in a pregnancy pillow.

The PharMe Doc Organic Cotton Pregnancy Pillow is a good option because of how comfortable it is.

However, there are so many options so make sure to shop around on what will fit your body best!

Maternity Wear

One of the biggest things I regret is not buying many many maternity wear items.

It not only helps you be the most comfortable, but it also helps you feel and look your best.

I remember finding it so difficult getting dressed each day, and not being able to find clothing that fit from my pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

There are many different maternity wear online stores, that sell great quality clothing!

However, if you do not want to order from online, many major stores have

a maternity clothing section!

These stores include Target, Walmart, JCpenneys, and Old Navy.

Your maternity size in clothing is the same size you were before pregnancy.

So if you wore a medium shirt before pregnancy, that will be your size with a maternity shirt.

So this is definitely worth spending money on if you can afford it. Especially if you think you might be insecure, because we women

get this way.

Just remember, that you are amazing and strong. Your belly is beautiful, and you got this mama.

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