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Night Routine For Infants - Nighttime Routines Help Promote Positive Sleeping Habits

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

At the beginning sometime it is difficult to get a nighttime routine down, especially

when they are newborns.

After their umbilical cord falls off, it gets easier because then we are able to give baths.

However, it’s still very important to start as early as possible to come up with a night routine that works for you and your family!

Having the same night routine every night can promote healthy sleeping habits, independent sleepers, and a positive sleep environment!

With this article we are going to discover all the things that you can add to your routine, and tips and rules to get your sweet babe sleeping soundly!

Same Time Every Night

Some times its difficult to stick to the same sleeping schedule, because sometimes events and chores get in the way.

However, as much as you can start bedtime routines at the same time every night.

The best bed time for babies and children under 5 at least is 7pm to 8pm.

The reasoning behind this is because after this time, your child takes their body into what they call “fight or flight” mode. Hours before this, your child's body starts to naturally producing melatonin to let them easily go to sleep.

Their body after this time basically gets overtired where they will not be able to sleep well, and they possibly can get more hyper because of this.

So sticking to the same 7pm-8pm bedtime each night will help them sleep better, let their body grow and repair, and have a positive nighttime experience!

Bath Time

One of the best ways to make a babe sleepy, and this also lets them know that it will soon be time to go to sleep, is bath time!

Bath time can still be fun and get them as sleepy as possible. Honestly it’s better for them to play as much as they want in the bath, because this lets them get all their energy out before going to bed.

So make sure the water is warm, they have tons of toys to splash with, and they have fun!


If you need help on healthy bath time habits, find our article on bath time items here!


Don't let them play longer than 20 minutes for younger children and 30 minutes for older children, but let them soak up the warm water and it’s sleepy magical powers!

After you take your baby out of the bath, one good lotion to use for more sleepy powers is to have night time lotion like lavender.

Lavender is an oil that helps relax you enough where you can slip into a sleep.

It’s important to lotion them up after a bath, which is good because a lotion massage can also help babies relax enough to get sleepy!

Essential Oils

One great way to let your baby know that it is almost bed time is to have an air diffuser on hand. There are many different safe for baby oils that are used to help produce melatonin. You can find these online or even at Walmart!

Filling the diffuser up an hour before bedtime to let it circulate in like the living room that they are in gets the best result.

Zarbees calming bedtime spray

There are also many versions of these great bedtime essential oil sprays that you can spray in the air on fabrics like their sheets. So when their head is placed in bed, they will breathe in smells that produce more melatonin.

Sleep Wear

One of the biggest indicators to let children know that it is time for bed is that their sleep wear is different from their day clothing.

Sleep wear are items like Sleepers, Swaddles if they are newborns, and Sleep Sacs.

gray and white velcro swaddles

These swaddles are great because they are super easy to put on your baby, especially because a tight swaddle is definitely not the easiest thing to do!

The fabric is super stretchy and comfortable, and is a great option to try especially if your baby does not enjoy being swaddled.

baby sleeping in sleep sack

Sleep Sacks like this are great especially because it is not safe for babies to sleep with blankets. So these wearable blankets keep your baby safe, but also super warm and cozy!

They are also made for mobile babies, so don’t worry, your baby can still be able to move freely when they want to roll to a different position!

There is also another great option of a weighted sleep sack if your baby is still having trouble sleeping, but the price can be quite a bit so it’s definitely not a necessity!

Weighted sleep sacks soothe and calm your baby all over so they are able to relax and drift off to sleep. It’s just like the comfort of sleeping next to their parent.

Sound Machine

One necessity to definitely have when putting your babe to sleep for the night is having a sound machine.

This tells your baby that it is time for bed, but also gives them comfort as well.

Just like they get comfort from the “Shhh” sound, because it sounds like the womb, it’s the same with a sound machine.

There are so many options of sound machines, so any one you choose should work well. But this sound machine option can get you started!

Getting comfort from a sound that gave them comfort for 9 months, can help them sleep more soundly. We found the fan option sound works best, but that’s just for our boy.

This is also great to use to block out other noises that might make it harder for them to sleep. For example, if you stay up later than your baby after you put them down in their bed.

Or if they share a room with their sibling, placing the machine in between them while help block out noises.

Black Out Curtains

Making sure the room that their sleeping in has as less lights possible, either with darkening or black out curtains, will help them sleep better,

When their room is dark, this will tell your baby that it is time to sleep.

Children don’t develop an imagination to be scared of the dark until about 2.5, babies are not scared of the dark and actually prefer it to sleep well.

This is also the best way to get them down for the nap, always continue placing them in a dark environment.


It doesn’t matter if you are a really good singer or a really bad singer, you baby will love you singing them a song to sleep because your voice is their comfort.

Along with giving them comfort, singing 1 or 2 soothing songs (lullabies) before every bedtime each night to let them know as another sign that it is time for bed.

You can do this while you are putting their sleepwear on them, or even after while you lay together in the rocking chair.

Bedtime Schedules

All routines can look so different but you can ultimately get the same result.

Example 1:

  • 7:15 ~ Bath Time

  • 7:35 ~ Lotion Massage

  • 7:40 ~ Sleepwear & Lullaby

  • 7:55 ~ Bottle & Bed

Example 2:

  • 6:30 ~ Bath Time

  • 7:00 ~ Lotion & Sleepwear

  • 7:10 ~ Lullaby

  • 7:20 ~ Bottle & Rocking to Sleep

  • 7:40 ~ Bed

If you would like tips on sleep training your infant, there are so many great baby sleep experts online. You can follow their advice or buy one of their Ebooks!

  • Taking Cara Babies

  • Little Bo Sleep

  • Dream Away Sleep Co.

Ultimately, the biggest tip to giving your baby healthy sleep habits and a positive sleep experience is to make sure their routine is the same every night so they can learn the routine themselves.

Giving them as many signals as possible that it is time for bedtime makes for a better positive sleep experience and they will enjoy going to bed!

Getting a routine and sleep training can be very exhausting, so don’t stress yourself! Enjoy the time you have with your baby every second!

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