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Postpartum Depression Symptoms - Signs You Have Postpartum Depression

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

One of the biggest things nurses and doctors express to you right before you leave the hospital is watching signs of postpartum. They even have a talk with your partner or the family member that is there with you.

But postpartum isn't just thoughts of suicide and not being able to take care of your baby.

I had postpartum depression symptoms, and I never had one thought of not wanting to take care of needs for my son.

So this does not defy postpartum, there is a lot more to it than just those two signs.

In this article we will go over every single sign of postpartum depression symptoms and how long after you have a baby that you need to watch for the signs, because it can be confusing.

mom having a breath and being upset


I’m including this at the very beginning because all too often many women experience this, just think that this is how they are now. When in reality, it’s postpartum!

And these also can be more than just postpartum, these symptoms can include ptsd and anxiety.

Postpartum Rage Symptoms Include:

  • Feeling annoyed and Irritable for no particular reason

  • Increased blood pressure or Heart rate

  • Overreacting

  • Thinking Mean thoughts about Someone who upset you

  • Feeling Violent Urges towards Others (or yourself)

  • Screaming and/or Swearing

  • Breaking and/or Throwing things

  • Being Unable to “Snap out of it”

  • Inability to Remember what Happened during the fit

  • Feelings of Regret or a Flood of Emotions afterwards

All too often women experience uncontrollable anger towards their spouse or others after having a baby, and it’s so normal.

But it should be handled!

This applies to this entire article: If you believe you are having signs of postpartum depression, tell someone that loves you immediately, and schedule a doctors appointment as soon as possible!

Your doctor will be able to help prescribe the best medicine for you and point you in the right direction!

It is so Very Vital to get Help!

Sex Drive Decline

Another big indicator of postpartum depression is when you usually have a high sex drive and you no longer do. This is a very common sign as well, but it can cause a lot of problems in a marriage unfortunately, because your partner just doesn’t understand those feelings.

Postpartum Decline of Sex Drive Signs:

  • Not Wanting to Dirty Talk or Have Intercourse

  • Not Wanting to be touched Romantically

  • Not Wanting Physical Affection

  • Not Caring to Meet your partner’s Physical Needs

  • Not Finding your Partner Attractive Anymore

  • Not Having Enticing Hormone Production

Many women brush this sign off as just “I just had a baby” symptom. Just be careful and watch for other symptoms, because this can be one of the first signs of postpartum depression.

Sadness/Lack of Connection

Don't get me wrong it’s completely okay if you don't feel up to visiting with tons of family and friends after having a baby.

However, one of the main signs of any depression is being distant towards people that love you.

Postpartum Sadness Signs:

  • Lacking Energy to Do Basic Tasks

  • Not Having Energy to Eat or Overeating

  • Not Wanting to Communicate How you Feel

  • Ignoring Family and Friends that are Worried about you

  • Lacking Energy to Take a Shower or Take Care of yourself

  • Not Having Any Interest in Seeing Family

  • Being Distant from your Partner

  • Lacking Energy to even Talk

These signs are many times overlooked when taking notice of signs of depression. You make the excuse that your newborn kept you up all night, and that you are just exhausted. But many times, it’s much more than that!

Having a partner of close family member take charge in also watching for postpartum depression signs for you is a big plus if you have this support system. Too often we make excuses for ourselves, and don’t want to admit that there might be something wrong.

The big thing to remember is that you have to listen when that person voices their concerns to you though.

Suicidal Thoughts

One of the most known indicator that you have postpartum depression after you have a baby. But remember: This is not the only sign!

Postpartum Suicidal Signs:

  • Thinking that your Family would be Better off Without you

  • Wanting to End it all

  • Feeling the Urge to Run Away

  • Feeling Like you Don't Have any Life or Energy Left

  • Wanting to Harm Yourself in Any Way

  • Feeling Like Nobody Wants you in Their Life or Nobody Loves you

These are big tell sign that you have postpartum depression, and it is so very important that you tell a loved one if you are having these dangerous thoughts!

Disconnection From Baby

Another big sign of postpartum is feeling disconnected from your baby. This is one of the biggest signs because your baby is apart of your body, forever. So if you don’t feel connected or feel love towards your baby, that is a big problem.

But don’t ever think that you are a bad mother, because these symptoms can be easily fixed with medication and therapy.

I know so many mothers that have had these symptoms, and they are the kind of mother that I aspire to be now!

Postpartum Disconnection Signs:

  • Not Wanting to Take Care of your Baby

  • Not Wanting to Hold your Baby

  • Not Caring when your Baby Cries

  • Not Having Energy to Love your Baby

  • Not Caring to Spend Time with your Baby

  • Unaffected by their Laughs or Giggles

  • Not Feeling Attached to your Baby

  • Having Violent Thoughts Towards your Baby

This list could go on forever, but the main points are covered. This is a real problem and horrible feeling when you are honestly a good mom. This is an easy fix, so see a doctor as soon as possible.

Postpartum can show up and be delayed as much as 18 months after giving birth! For some women, it can appear even later!

This is a good rule of thumb to remember when watching for signs. You might think “oh my child is almost 2 years old, I wouldn’t have postpartum depression.”

Think again, and compare your symptoms one more time, if you are concerned there is a problem.

There are many other symptoms of postpartum depression that really don’t have a defined category,

so watch for these signs as well.

Other Postpartum Depression Signs:

  • Feeling Overwhelmed

  • Inability to Concentrate on Work or School

  • Sleeping too much or Not getting any Sleep at all

  • Having Anxiety about Leaving the House

  • Not Being able to do House Chores

  • Over Exhausted

  • Excessive Worry, even When you are With your Baby

  • Excessive Weight loss or Weight gain

  • Brain Fog

  • Ongoing Crying (after the first 2 weeks)

  • Poor Memory

  • Feeling Hopeless as a Person or as a Mother

  • Loss of Self-Esteem

  • Fear of Being Alone

The biggest thing to remember when watching for signs of postpartum is that no sign is too small.

If you or someone else has worry that you might be experiencing postpartum, that is enough reason to talk to your doctor.

Your doctor wants you to reach out to him, and it is nothing to be embarrassed about!

The faster you reach out to someone, the faster you can feel like yourself again!


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