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Ways Dads Can Help During And After Labor - Being a Great Dad Starts With Helping Mom

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Not Including pregnancy, labor in general is so extreme during and after.

I know when you become a dad, it feels like you cant help do anything, you feel helpless.

However, there are so many things you can do to help mom. The littlest things are what make a big difference for mom and baby.

So remember that when she says she wants a smoothie, ice cream, and a steak dinner all at once. It might not seem like you’re doing a lot, but you are.

Now being a good dad starts during pregnancy, and helping her relax in anyway possible, but there are so much things a mom needs help with during and after labor. Don’t just concentrate on helping take care of the baby after, this could leave mom feeling neglected, and she needs all the positive

help she can get.

This article will give you tips on ideas on the many ways you can positively help mom, so she stays continuously feeling loved and cared for.

Going to the Hospital

Being induced or going into labor, can be so exciting, but its also very nerve racking. Some moms might not be completely ready for their babe to come out.

This is where you need to be positively reassuring for her:

  • Help her get into the vehicle,

  • Hold her hand,

  • Tell her you love her,

  • Tell her she is going to do great,

  • Offer playing a game during the ride to help take her mind off her nerves.

When you arrive at the hospital, give her all

the special treatment:

  • Open her door for her,

  • Help her out of the vehicle,

  • Carry all the bags for her,

  • Let her hold your arm or hand,

  • Tell her you love her.

Getting Into your Delivery Room

The room they put you in will be the room that you will be staying in for your entire stay, as long as your having a natural delivery.

So when you get to the room the nurses will immediately want her to change into a gown.

Ask her if she needs help changing, always taking every chance to offer to help in anyway never hurts.

If she does not need any help changing:

  • Taking time to organize the bags,

  • Taking out anything she might need,

  • And making sure everything is put out of the way.

She will surely appreciate this, because no woman needs to worry about their OCD when they should only be concentrating on

their labor journey.

Making sure she is always comfortable is key:

  • Ask her if she would like another pillow or maybe another blanket,

  • If she would like her phone to be plugged up,

  • If she would like some ice chips.

Even if she doesn’t need anything, she will be happy you offered to take care of her.

During Labor

Dads can help moms in many many ways during labor, and it’s important you do. This is how you can give mom a positive labor experience and to ensure you are involved welcoming your new son or daughter

into the world.

Once contractions start she is going to need a lot of help and encouragement, so try to be as present as possible!

  • Hold her hand,

  • Constantly tell her how great of a job she is doing,

  • Remind her to breathe,

  • Breathe along with her during a contraction,

  • Ask her if she needs anything,

  • Help her walk if she needs to,

  • Turn on the TV to her favorite show to help distract her,

  • Play a game to distract her,

  • Offer to get her a snack.

During Delivery

During delivery it does not seem like there is a lot you can do but being there for mom can go

a long way.

Being her Cheerleader is the most important tip to remember during delivery. Because she will need so much encouragement.

Especially if she gets an epidural during labor, you will most likely have to hold her leg

during delivery. So have that mindset as well.

Some of the items you can do to help during delivery:

  • Tell her how great of a job she is doing,

  • Breathe and push along with her,

  • Let her squeeze your hand or arm,

  • Wipe her forehead with a washcloth if she is sweating,

  • Hold her leg well,

  • Tell her what is going on during pushing - “I see shoulders now!”,

  • Put her hair up in a Ponytail to get it out of her face,

  • Encourage Encourage Encourage!

After Delivery

Now it is time to shine dad!

Not only can you be a great dad, but you can continue to be a great partner.

Now the obvious ways you can help mom after delivery is:

  • Letting her rest and getting up with the baby during the middle of the night,

  • Getting up with her in the middle of the night for support,

  • Offering to watch baby so she can shower,

  • Offering to watch baby so she can nap.

After delivery, it is essential that everyone rests, but mom is the one that needs the most rest. Her body has just gone through so much trauma, so bear with her.


If you are not so sure about what happens during delivery, and what items you need, read our article here for more information!


The ways that are not so obvious that dads can help moms after delivery are honestly not the sexiest thing. However, she will very much appreciate all of it because it is very difficult to do these things alone.

And all of these continue when you

arrive home.

  • Help her in and out of the shower,

  • Getting her diapers and Tucks pads ready for her,

  • Spraying Dermoplast if she cannot reach the area,

  • Helping her put her diaper and pads on,

  • Helping her get dressed,

  • Supporting her while she walks,

  • Helping her get in and out of bed,

  • Bringing her the icepack when needed,

  • Making Pad Popsicles,

  • Bringing her water or ice,

  • Making her food if needed.

Now you just reading through this article, I already know you are going to make a great father and partner.

Your relationship with your partner will be very hard after having a baby, but it is so worth it.

Don’t give up on her and continue loving her through this, because she needs it.

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