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Best Infant & Toddler Car Seats - Safest And Transitional Car Seats

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

A Car Seat the most important item you will need for your baby.

And it happens to be the first big item you will use with your babe!

The safety rules and regulations behind car seats get very overwhelming, but I know that you would not trade the time it takes to pick out a car seat or the time it takes to strap them in correctly, if this is what it takes to keep your

sweet babe safe.

And that is the most important thing above anything else.

However, picking out a infant car seat can be overwhelming and very timely.

So this article is to help you compare and contrast the top seats, based on what is most important to you and your family.

Whether you are buying a brand new infant seat, or you are moving on up to a front facing toddler car seat, this article will help make the process a little easier.

Infant Car Seats (Only)

If you can afford buying one car seat at the beginning and another when they turn 2, that is completely up to you.

There is no evidence that purely infant car seats can be safer than transitional car seats, however infant car seats are purely MADE FOR to be backwards facing, and that is what they are best at for keeping your child safe.

These lists are NOT in order, one being more safe because all are very safe, purely see what fits your needs the best.

Century Carry On Car seats
  • Item Weight: 8 Ibs (SUPER LIGHT!)

  • Maximum Child Weight: 35 Ibs

  • Extra Large Canopy for Shade

  • Plush Newborn Supports

  • Side Impact Tested

  • Happy Environment Recycle

  • Comes With Base

  • Easy to Install

  • Washable Seat Pad

  • Adjustable Base (3 Positions)

Now this is an expensive one, but if you or your family can afford it, I say go for it!

Doona car seat
  • Item Weight: 8.8 Ibs (Very Light!)

  • Maximum Child Weight: 35 Ibs

  • First Compete Travel System

  • Car Seat & Stroller - Very Gentle Transition

  • Approved by TUV & FAA

  • Safe Foam Newborn Inserts

  • Easy Stroller Mobility

  • Comes With Base

  • Emergency Stop Wheel Foot Press

  • Canopy for Shade

  • Minimum Weight: 4 Ibs (This is usually around 7 Ibs!)

Graco snugride car seat
  • Item Weight: 9.75 Ibs

  • Maximum Child Weight: 35 Ibs

  • Advanced Side Impact Protection from Head to Hips

  • Comes with Base

  • Silent Shade Canopy

  • Adjustable Base (4 Positions)

  • One Hand Adjustable Handle

  • Quilted Head and Body Newborn Insert

  • Easy to Read Level Indicator

baby trend car seat
  • Item Weight: 18.13 Ibs

  • Maximum Child Weight: 35 Ibs

  • Foam Newborn Insert

  • EPS Energy Absorbing Side Impact Head Protection

  • 3 Panel Canopy

  • Delta Multi Grip Carrying Handle

  • One Hand Seat Release

  • Comes With Base

  • 4 Recline Positions

safety 1st car seat

The cheapest of all choices, but sometimes that does not mean the same quality.

  • Item Weight: 14.99 Ibs

  • Maximum Child Weight: 35 Ibs

  • 4 Harness Heights

  • Foam Newborn Insert

  • Adjustable Base Heights

  • Energy Absorbing Impact Materials

  • Machine Washable Car seat Pad

There are many other great car seats! However, one important thing to take into consideration is the item weight. Even the doona, coming in at 8.8 Ibs, with a 15 Ib baby placed inside the seat, it makes it feel like you are carrying at least 40 Ibs.

So really consider item weight when you pick out your car seat, because a heavier car seat just makes everything more difficult!

Transitional Car Seats

These car seats are for if you would really prefer only buying one car seat the whole lifetime

of your child.

These seats start out as an infant car seat, and sometimes go all the way up to booster seats!

These are so amazing to have, especially

for saving money!

graco extend2fit car seat
  • Rear & Forward Facing

  • Maximum Child Rear Facing: 50 Ibs (This is awesome!)

  • 4 Position Adjustable Extension Panel for up to 5 more Inches of Legroom!

  • Steel Reinforced Frame

  • 10 Position Adjustable Headrest

  • Maximum Child Front Facing: 65 Ibs

  • ProtectPlus Engineered

  • 6 Position Recline

  • Cup Holders

  • Newborn Inserts

  • Harness Storage - Holds Harness Out of the Way While You Get Your Baby

  • Machine Washable Seat Cushion

  • Base Is Attached to Seat

  • Item Weight: 19 Ibs - But this Item Cannot Be Carried, For It Has No Handle.

safety 1st grow and go car seat
  • Rear Maximum Child Weight: 40 Ibs

  • Forward Maximum Child Weight: 65 Ibs

  • Booster Maximum Child Weight: 100 Ibs

  • Item Weight: 18.66 Ibs - But this Item Cannot Be Carried, For It Has No Handle.

  • Harness Holders

  • Machine Washable Pads

  • Adjustable Headrest, Harness Straps, and Crotch Strap

  • 2 Forward Facing Positions

  • Removable Cup Holders

  • 3 Position Recline

  • Newborn Inserts

  • When Child Is Ready, Take out Harness and Use SeatBelt to Strap In Booster - Up to 100 Ibs

maxi cosi car seat
  • Maximum Rear Child Weight: 40 Ibs

  • Maximum Forward Child Weight: 65 Ibs

  • Maximum Booster Child Weight: 100 Ibs

  • 3 Position Recline

  • Automatically Raise Harness & Headrest

  • Harness Holders

  • Removable Dishwasher Safe Cup Holders

  • Machine Washable

  • 5 Headrest Heights

  • Exceeds all Federal Standards

baby trend cover me car seat
  • Item Weight: 19.84 Ibs - But this Item Cannot Be Carried, For It Has No Handle.

  • Maximum Rear Child Weight: 40 Ibs

  • Maximum Forward Child Weight: 65 Ibs

  • Maximum Booster Child Weight: 100 Ibs

  • UPF 50+ Protection Sun Canopy

  • 5 Position Recline w/ Flip Foot

  • Newborn Insert

  • Cup Holders

  • Adjustable Height Headrest

Evenflo Evolve car seat
  • Child Weight: 22-120 Ibs

  • Maximum Harnessed Booster Weight: 65 Ibs

  • Maximum Seat Belt Booster Weight: 120 Ibs

  • Maximum No Back Booster Weight: 120 Ibs

  • 1 Position Recline

  • 2 Crotch Buckle Positions

  • Temperature Regulating Fabric

  • 3 Booster Transitions

  • Cup Holders

  • Federal Crash Tested

No matter what infant car seat you decide to choose for your little one, will be a good decision because that is what is best for you and your family!

Traveling with your baby is essential and unavoidable, but you can make sure they are as safe as possible!

You got this parents!

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