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Nursery Organization - Infant Newborn Items And Tips For Baby Room Nursery Storage

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

How does such a tiny human need so many things??

And all of these things need places to go!

However, if the infant newborn room is not that large, doesn't have a large closet, or no built ins.

This article will help you gather ideas and give you some infant newborn items you will need.

These ideas and items will ensure you get the most space and efficiency possible!

Because with a new baby comes a more difficult schedule, so we need all the organization we can get while also saving money!

Changing Table

One thing I knew I wanted for our nursery was instead of having a manufactured changing table, I wanted to use a double dresser for a changing table.

This was because changing tables have hardly any to no storage at all. But using a double dresser for a changing table can substitute wonderfully!

double dresser being used as baby changing table

We got this double dresser at one of our local antique markets and paid around $200 for it.

I love this neat idea because you can have all you need on top of the dresser with the changing pad.

Such as diapers, wipes, and lotions.

But one thing I love about this idea, is that you also have plenty of storage!

For items like: onesies, pants, baby shoes, swaddles, crib sheets, bibs, burp cloths, sock, and hats!

This was a definitely a great idea, and I’d choose this same option again and again!


One great Idea to use if you are going to have to be keeping all their baby clothes in a small closet, is to invest in Space Saving Hangers!

space saving hangers

These work the exact same when you hang baby hangers for baby clothes on them.

This is a great hack for when you need to optimize as much of your closet space as possible!

It’s also great for organizing baby clothes easier, because we all know they can all run together. I love to do this for keeping the same sizes together, or splitting up shirts and pants.

Tote Bins

One great way to save space is to buy or keep large tote bins that are gifted to you.

These bins will come in handy for keeping items like large toys and blankets in!

a decorative bin full of kid toys

We got these bins gifted to us, and we love this look of keeping our baby’s blankets and toys in.

This is also a great option for toddlers as well, because they can reach their toys and blankets easily when needed!


Having shelves in your baby’s bedroom or even multiple shelves in the closet

is like a necessity!

These shelves will be essential for storing items that you don’t use on a day to day basis.

These items could be anything:

  • Big kid books

  • Seasonal items such as things for the pool or Halloween

  • Items they are not old enough to play with yet

  • Medicines

  • Small Items they have grown out of like newborn car seat inserts

  • And Pregnancy or Baby books you have filled out to give them one day.

children's books on closet shelf

Storing all these items on closet shelves will leave room in the closet floor to store large things like diaper boxes, wipe boxes, pack & play, big riding toys, or on-the-go bassinets!

Small Storage Bins

Small storage bins are essential to keep all those tiny oddly shaped items out of the way.

We have tons of small bins that we keep lots of items in, and we bought all of our bins at our local dollar store to help save money!

plastic bin full of baby washcloths

Ideas on how to use bins:

  • Baby Washcloths

  • Medicine & Health Items

  • Fast Reachable Diapers (Presented in Changing Table Section)

  • Pacifiers & Pacifier Clips

  • Socks/Hats

  • Small Toys/Teething Toys

  • Bows or Jewelry for Girls

  • Bath Toys & Soaps

Rollaway Large Bins

One good thing to do is to invest in a rollaway quart bin!


This is one thing that I wish we Invested

in a lot earlier!

rolling plastic storage bins

These bins/boxes are great for storing baby clothes, shoes, hats, bibs, or even socks that your little one has out grown!

Your little babe is going to outgrow things a lot faster than you can sell them, if that is what you want to do.

If you don’t want to sell everything, and want to try for another baby down the road, these are great quality bins that will hold up for a while!

So getting these kinds of bins, and then storing them under the crib, is a great way to save space and make space for bigger clothes!

Door Rack

One of the best safe saving options is using a simple door hanging rack!

baby door rack

This is a great way to easily hang up that diaper bag, bulky coats, baby robes, and even a

used clean towel!

Decorating a Nursery is One of the Most Fun Things to Do While Pregnant, So Relax and Enjoy It!

Your Infant Newborn Might Not Remember Every Memory or Item They Had, But You Will, and That is Plenty Important!

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