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Best Diapers For Your Baby - Different Diapers For Different Reasons - Help Avoid Diaper Rashes

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Everyone knows babies need diapers obviously!

But did you know that different diapers are good for different things?

And considering babies go through about 120 diapers every 2 weeks, you need to be sure you are choosing the best ones that will ensure your moneys worth!

When I had my newborn It took a while till we found a diaper that fit my baby’s body best and resulted in no leaks, blowouts, or diaper rahses.

So this article is here to hopefully save you money, and help your baby have a positive diaper experience!


These diapers are great for many things, but they have so many different versions, it can be a bit overwhelming.

Pampers Pure

Pampers pure diaper box

These diapers are great for babies with sensitive skin. I was super excited for these diapers because of all the soft natural ingredients!

These diapers are great for preventing rashes, urine burns, and protecting from blowouts.

However, one thing to be aware of is that the water beads in the diapers can bust and stick to your babes skin, so you need to be sure to watch for those during diaper changes.

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers swaddlers diaper box

These diapers are so great for almost everything!

These diapers are great for boys and girls, babies that love to move around, and babies that have trouble with runny poops.

These diapers have wide wings to protect from blowouts, great stick tabs to keep diaper in place, and these diapers are super soft

on the skin.

Pampers Baby Dry

Pampers baby dry diaper box

These diapers are great for boys and girls, but especially for babies that pee a lot!

These diapers will say the diaper is full, but due to the great soaking powers, this diaper will not feel as full next to another kind of diaper.

It leaves your baby feeling dry even with a

full diaper! So this is an especially great choice for night time!

This is also great to prevent diaper rashes and urine burns, because of how well the diaper reacts to liquid. And just like the Pampers Swaddlers, these diapers have wide wings to prevent blowouts!


Now Huggies is another great option to give a chance. So many moms swear by this diaper

and love it!

However, if your baby has sensitive skin this is not your go-to diaper, for many parents have not had the best experience with this.

Huggies Little Snugglers

Huggies little snuggles diaper box

These diapers are great for boys!

They hug in all the right places for boys and are great at keeping everything in!

They have great wide wings and soft waistband, which are great for stopping blowouts.

And these diapers have breathable fabric, to prevent urine burns.

Huggies Special Delivery

Huggies diaper box

These diapers are supposed to be hypoallergenic and better for baby’s with sensitive skin!

Again, huggies are great for boys because they hug their areas the best.

These diapers also have great wings for blowouts and soft fabric to protect that

soft skin!

Hello Bello

This diaper option is about the same price as pampers but they are made with all natural ingredients and super hypoallergenic!

They also come in super cute prints!

hello bello diapers

Hello Bello diapers are great for girls and boys, but especially good for girls!

These diapers are great for sensitive skin because they are made with all natural plant ingredients. They do not have chlorine, latex, or lotions, making this a great option to keep your baby’s skin healthy!

These diapers have great absorbent powers, have a stretchy comfy fit, stays snug when diaper is full, and has great side wings for blowouts!

Honest Company

These diapers are great for small babies and small booties! These diapers are also one piece slip ons, making it super quick and easy for diaper changes.

HONEST diaper box

These diapers are all natural and all recycled!

They are great for the environment, and good for baby’s skin!

These diapers have a great absorbency and good for protecting leaks and blowouts.

They have a good size side wings to keep everything located in the diaper.

They also come in super fun cute prints!

Again, they fit better for babies on the smaller size!

Diaper Tips

One biggest thing you have to remember with diapers, is to not go by the weight size indicator on the diaper box!

All babies bodies are going to be different, and they might need a different size next to another baby the same weight!

If you baby starts experiencing a lot of leaks or blowouts, but that diaper is a good fit, it’s probably best and will not hurt anything to move on up to the next size!

One tip to know that your baby has a diaper a good fit is that the top of the diaper comes right above the belly button or right on top of their belly button.

For Example:

An empty diaper example

This is because when their diaper is full, it will fall way below their belly button. Making sure they have the correct fit, prevents leaks and blowouts!

a full diaper example

Making sure a diaper is the correct fit for their body, choosing the best brand diaper for their skin, will help your babe have a positive diaper experience!

All the different diaper brands can be overwhelming, but as long as you alone decide the best diaper for your baby, your baby will be happy.

Sometimes it takes a while to find a diaper that works the best for your baby‘s body, but don’t get discouraged!

Your baby will be thankful down the road that you took the time to find what works for them and wont give them diaper rashes!

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